New things, New happenings

2017-10-06 09:58:01 by no5850

So far i have been offline lately in Newgrounds AND Discord.
Its either my school, DEPRESSION, or both. Alot likely both
I was gettin in on it in reality but after coming back here, i actually got banned from sinner's discord chat 1 day later, like the HAPPENING that caused my DEPPRESSION. So far i kiiinda improved in my studies, but now i want purpose to stay online in Discord OR Newgrounds.

Life wrestles, but so can i

BTW, i changed, its time people see that

My on going art

2017-05-29 07:04:19 by no5850


And more...

These are what people desire and starve for, Some of us have one or a few of these, some of us do what it takes to feel what is it they lack. The one day, your on top of the billoard, someone people are willing to die for. The next day, your sleeping in front of your old building, hated by people that pass you as you beg for food and money. Remember this...

You know your future, so you know your priorities. Do your priorities right and know how to do them and nothing goes wrong

Madness Day 2016 Sept. 22nd

2016-09-22 08:16:39 by no5850

Yahoo! madness day 2016! 5 years ago i thought it would be a crappy time in newgrounds but its Madness Day!!11! to the madness animaters; grab your PCs, computers, wacoms, tablets etc. for it! you know what i mean! and to the animated; load up your guns, sharpen those blades, put up those seemingly defensless headgear, and kill or get killed by MAGs and GOL3Ms!!11! THATS THE ONLY PURPOSE IN MADNESS! KILL OR BE KILLED!!!!-

     - expieriencing technical difficulties -

*ahem* ok, you all and i mean ALL, know what i mean  :)

if u die on newgrounds u die irl

2016-08-19 08:40:13 by no5850


Taking a Break

2016-05-20 00:14:05 by no5850

i wanna get ma mind of first and do some games. right now iam doing

but i am also doing drawings. remember to follow me, and in here in ninja kiwi

peace out cuz no one is absoloutly reading this

I need to know what to do/draw

2016-05-14 02:28:09 by no5850

I dunno what to draw or pixel paint cuz iam losing willpower every second. someone tell me what to draw or pixel art PLEASE!

besides, i will end your life with my boomstick if you wont tell me what to draw or pixel art


Brand New Art

2016-05-11 07:23:31 by no5850

i started on doing new art... PIXEL ART!!! wooo yaa yehey woot. oh what am i doing no one cares x_D.

i am doing fnaf pixel art. TEAM FOXY FOREVAH!

Comment Post

2016-04-30 06:03:43 by no5850

hello? is this thing on? ok my name is tyler and i play games,submit drawings and test SOTD with Evil-Dog. If u wanna talk to me comment here down below. nobody will ever read this post anyways x_D