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i survived

2017-05-17 05:22:43 by no5850

no mo summa class! bewyah!!!


April 1

2017-03-30 09:30:19 by no5850

lets see what will happen, ooh! iam going to graduate school!! no more primary, no more young life, no more black pants! GRADUATION, B%^*&!! and its april fools day, iam gonna pull of a prank and prolly show the video eventually(prolly never). but sadly, i have summer class. LIKE %%%%^%$ LAST YEAR!!!!! N^^%^*%%(*&%^(*%*^&$&.

Had a "camping" trip!!!

2017-01-30 05:30:56 by no5850

Youse bet! i had an encampment. if hearing me camping akes you think of the forest and tents, its WAY off. i had a bonfire in school, slept in school,(with my patrol groups and buddies) and for some reason, i slept in 10-11 (bonfire took two hours) and woke up at 4 for an exercise >:(. now thats just wrong. and iam so happy, i spilled water on my patrol mate during a game. then, i wet myself with the water i used. and guess what! hold on, gotta put this at the bottom...


















I WATCHED 904N!!!!! (if you know what i mean)

awesome! i had a FULL time expeirience in that encampment, great idea for grade 6 pupils (shoot, gave it away) i got so happy. i would want to post everything i pictured and video'd but i dunno how to do that here in newgrounds :(. oh well, cya m8s! and if ya play pixel gun 3D, tell me if youse wanna be friends :O

So much to say...

2016-12-30 22:33:11 by no5850

Dec.28 I had my birthday and ate delicious cake :D

Dec.29 i went to a pool called, patio victoria. greatest pool evur

my tablet fell and the screen doesnt work. Good bye clash royale, clash of clans, stick war legacy, smashy road and smashy road arena.

Dec.30 My grandfather manolo went to the mountains and had a heart attack. Was currently being revived but has already died. After an hour my father came to him already dead and was brought to where he will be placed in a coffin

Dec.31 (today) beaten Stick War II Order Empire on normal difficulty and mastered the way of the bow:


You have finished Stick War II on NORMAL!

Tutorial                                         05:27
Blot out the sun: Archidons Declare War          13:56
Silent Assassins: Ninjas Declare War             15:44
Magic in the Air: Wizards and monks Declare War  04:19 1 retries
Rebels United                                    11:43
Massive Battle                                   02:31
Explosive War: Bombers Attack                    17:10
The Night is Dark: Juggerknights Attack          32:34
Undead War: Deadly Deads Attack                  28:07
 4 legged Fury: Crawlers Attack                  30:46
Shadow of the moon: Eclipsors Attack.            13:05 1 retries
Bone Pile: Marrowkai summon war                  03:53 4 retries
Medusa's Gates: The Chaos Capital is in sight.   03:48 2 retries
Medusa and the Full Chaos Empire: Final battle   04:24

Total time (including retries): 270:41
Best time: 187:27


Gained: Cake(s), Icecream, Stick war 2 score

Lost: Usage of tablet, Grandfather, 30,000 pesos

*sigh* sure i had a good birthday but after that, things got from bad to worse. no more tablet, no more grand dad :(

i will tag some people to see this...











And there is this other guy in clash royale, in CR he is dragon slayer. forgot his NG name.

These dudes made me do something else then to sit on my ass and play single player games. They inspire too. Some of them will eventually wonder why iam inactive in clash royale. i just got a princess and my tab broke. Anyways, the people i tagged are good understanding people. sure some are dicks but they arent that bad. :justright:

And my buds in clash royale, tell Splash and Dragonslayer my tab broke so i cant Friendly battle them ;(

Christmas and Birthday

2016-12-25 00:01:14 by no5850

Merry christmas yall! i had 2 gifts, soul earphones and limited nikey shoes :D. anyways, Dec.28 is my B day!! wooooo!! and, jan,1 (duh) is new year!! yippikayay mofo!merry christmas! happy honica! happy new year! happy advent! and chicken and rice!

Making a T-shirt!

2016-11-19 05:30:21 by no5850

In my school, my project is to print a design on a t-shirt. i got very exited :D. i mean, iam an artist! why would i NOT like having a t shirt with a design i made my self? anyways, the design i will be printing will be that poster in madness combat that says, 'ACCURACY--- one shot on target is better than six shots that miss' in a way i made differently. if i will be able, i will post it in here(the finished t-shirt) or in my arts (the design). anyways, i hope nothing goes bad :D

Madness Day 2016 Sept. 22nd

2016-09-22 08:16:39 by no5850

Yahoo! madness day 2016! 5 years ago i thought it would be a crappy time in newgrounds but its Madness Day!!11! to the madness animaters; grab your PCs, computers, wacoms, tablets etc. for it! you know what i mean! and to the animated; load up your guns, sharpen those blades, put up those seemingly defensless headgear, and kill or get killed by MAGs and GOL3Ms!!11! THATS THE ONLY PURPOSE IN MADNESS! KILL OR BE KILLED!!!!-

     - expieriencing technical difficulties -

*ahem* ok, you all and i mean ALL, know what i mean  :)

if u die on newgrounds u die irl

2016-08-19 08:40:13 by no5850


i finished i my first grading exam which gives me some time to probably draw, pixel art and, iam doing guitar and ukelele lessons! sadly, something went wrong with my guitar, and i didnt even get to do a cadd9 right with my arena guitar yet! i done well with the uke though :|. i will post a photo here once i get the chance

School Days

2016-07-22 22:24:19 by no5850

school day is rough. classroom far from certain places, alot of depts 1000 max, and filipino language is hard and i dont get a 'proper' sleep. at least i will do archery, dodgeball,debates, ketchup pranks (drop in crowds in canteen then someone will unexpectedly step it shhhhhhh), and i get to hack accou- i mean borrow facebook accounts and totally not spam, embarrase etc. but, we will have a 100 day special! woohoo! wish everyone luck in school days! i wish i could post a pic here but actually, i dunno how to xD